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  Mixer - Drop saver - Shoe sole extractor - Mixing head - Device to colour into the mixing head -
Automatic brush - Hand brush - Automatic spray varnisher

The drop saver system was born to avoid problems due to the drops that could damage the quality of the product: the drops, falling down in the inside surface of the mould, could live a trail evident even after the varnishing.

The device, put directly on the caster, is composed of a steel disc, heated up by a resistance in order to have the drops solidified in a very short time and remove them quickly.

The disc moves under the casting nozzle and remains tll the end of the rotation, then it moves back and turns on itself to find a cleaned surface.

To remove the solidified drops from the disc, the machine has also two rabbles and an automatic gun to spray the solvent.


- Drop saver presentation



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