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To satisfy the answering of the PU market, GDE Srl has engineered a complete island for the moulding of compact or expanded material right to realize technical articles and non-skid soles device.

The island is set among the robot siliconizer and the caster. It permits to cast the device, to solidify it and be covered with expanded PU by the caster without stopping the production cycle. The island is completly indipendent: that's why it can be used with different type of machine and the very small  dimensions of the mixer require a very reduced room with a high perfomance.

It's composed of:

  • Isocinate tank with mixer
  • Poliol tank with mixer
  • Automatic loading (optional)
  • Tank heating by dietermic oil
  • Pipes heating for each circuit by a transformer
  • Casting head and material filters heating
  • From 2 to 4 tanks for paint
  • Raw material and colour amount cluster composed of: three-phases induction motor with inverter, axyal reducing, material filters, volumetric amount pump, pressure switch to monitor the circuit
  • Electrical panel controlled by PLC Siemens S7-300 and touch-screen panel to set: article, number, number of castings, loading, colour, mixing speed.

The mixing head is single-component created just to be able to work with a load from 5 to 30 gr/sec. It could be mounted on different devices:  Manual PU Compact Island, Three axes PU Compact Island and Robot Pu compact Island.


  Robot PU Compact Island

Automatic Machine: the mixing head is put on the arm of an anthropomorfic robot KUKA, with the chance to move freely thanks the three axes. That's the height of technology!!


VIDEO - Robot PU compact island video 1

VIDEO - Robot PU compact island video 2

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