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  Device for Grains Dosages -

The deep knoweledge of the field and the cooperation with important local thermoplastic industries, led GDE to realize a forefront system to ration any kind of compounds

.The machine is composed of a variable number of tanks according to the customer's needs.

Each tank has an indipendent loading system through storage silos or container closed to the machine that could have different shape: as in the attached pics with a circular disposition of the tanks or a linear one, obviously it depends on the number of the tanks.

Each tank has a screw feeder system operative through an induction motor with inverter or through a brushless motor with digital attivation.

The machine is complete of touch screen panel PLC Siemens S 7-300



VIDEO 1 - Device for Grains Dosages

VIDEO 2 - Device for Grains Dosages

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