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Casting device with open mould for PU products. The semplicity and the possibility to enrich it, made this product the starting point in the PU industry.


  • Mould Semicircular machine for casting  with 12-18-24 stations
  • Casting Arm mouvement: manually or automatically
  • Double mould holder with manual or automatic gap and catch
  • Chamber's tuning up for manual mould holder
  • Tank of 300kg with manual or automatic loading; automatic mixer, drill to monitor minimum and maximum material level,heating by diatermic oil and temperature control for each tank.
  • Material pipe heating
  • Mixing head heating
  • Single or dual components mixing head with a capacity of 110gr/sec
  • Material amount cluster with electrical engineHpl monitored by Inverter or Brushless
  • Mixer set in motion by Brushless engine
  • Volumetric amount pumps with 20cc gears
  • Amount circuit pressure control
  • Electric panel monitored by PLC Siemens S7-300 to set: casting numbers on the mould, casting weight, loading, colour casting, washing time and other
  • Possibility of installing from 1 to 6 colours thanks our device for colour into the mixing head, type C1, C2 and C3


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