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The producers of PU have the great problem of daily rejects.

Usually there are private concernes specialist in waste disposal but at high price.

To try to solve this econimical and environmental matter, with the help of a chemical expert, GDE has created a device to be able to recycling these rejects: it is composed of a tank, also called “reactor”, with a mixer. It could hit a maximum temperature of 250°C: the heating comes by the diatermic oil.

The working processes are basically two: Polyolis and Glycolis. They differ for the type of additives you can put in, for the temperatures, the different kind of mixing and for the final products.

During the first phase of the process, the PU is reduced into pieces and then thrown in the reactor through the scroll. At the same time, it's possible to put inside the reactor the additives, to make the process complete, thanks to a volumetric pump that will be used for the dumping and the recycling of the final product.

The recycling device is provided with a system to demolish the smokes caused by the high temperatures and could have different dimensions.

This system is a substantial contribution for the environment, besides companies saving, allowing to produce raw material using the final product.

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