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To make easy the extraction of the shoe soles, GDE Srl has invented 3 differents shoe sole extractors: they all are composed of a top gear of the sole that let two pneumatic cylinders to set in motion and pull out the soles

What makes the difference between the three types of sole extractors is the gear system, so we have:

Pliers shoe sole extractor ESTRPIN:

  • It's used for small Pu soles with the wodden device inside

Hooks shoe sole extractor ESTRGAN:

  • It's used for small Pu soles with steel sheet inside

Drill shoe sole extractor ESTRTR:

  • It's used for Pu soles with an ABS device inside. A bit at the end of the drill, screws and unscrews the sole and let it fall down.



VIDEO - Pliers shoe sole extractor

VIDEO - Hooks shoe sole extractor

VIDEO - Drill shoe sole extractor

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