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In 1987, thanks to the GDE's wits, it was created a new device for coloring PU.

Since then, the machines allowed to have just one colour and the long pauses to change it and clean the tanks, slowed down production.

The next step was the employment of under pressure tanks fill up with coloured paste rationed in the mixing head by a pneumatic cylinder and controlled with electromagnetic valves. In that case too, there were two main problems: the tendency of the paste to solidify and its not-uniform amount.

That's how in 1987, the great exeperience of Enrico Giampaoli has been a decisive factor in the realization of the first reliable and accurate device to colour into the mixing head.

The very first machines had an under pressure tank fill up with paint and set in motion by a volumetric pump into a closed circuit; there the presence of a switch valve gave the possibility of chosing if recycle the coloured paste, putting it in the tank again, or add it to the casting through a needle of 2,5 diameter.

The continual evolution and the endless search gave GDE the chance to improve it, starting from the basic idea.

Our system is now the forefront and it is used in the most of the PU moulding machine: the new system hasn't under pressure tanks anymore, but the paint is directly apsirate by a volumetric pump. It's very easy to move and clean the cisterns, thanks to the wheels, and the inverter, or the brushless engine, allows to have always tha same paste quantity.

Our device could be realized with one, two or three cisterns in order to have from 1 to 6 colours at the same time, and it is easy to install it on any kind of PU moulding machine.

Each device is completed of:

  • Three-ways switch valve
  • Electromagnetic valves
  • Colour sheet from 1 to 6 colours, easly adjustable at yours mixing heads


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