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This machine is for sure the strong point of GDE Srl.

It was born as a simple backing to let the mixing head slide along the axis “X”

Nowadays, as a result of numerous improvements, the caster has became an extraordinary device that could be set in motion by an induction motor, runned by an inverter, encoder or by a Brushless engine and 3 axes.

Lately has been created a new concept of caster to reduce at the lowest terms the mixing problems due to the blister or to the pre-flux.

The caster has a solid iron shell and is located on swivel plate so that, in case of a collision with a mould, it is able to get back to the starting position

For a perfect running of the mixing head, this machine includes:

  • Electromagnetic valve for material and colours casting
  • Pistons group
  • Washing system for mixing head
  • Mixing engine
  • Precasting sac holder



VIDEO - Caster 3 axis

VIDEO - Caster single axes

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